Peach State Baseball League Drafts this week in Savannah, Georgia

To be part of the fall league go to the details page.


Play High level of competition
Play for fun or for something to do
Great way to get noticed
Play with the passion
Play for the love of the game
Great community involvement
baseball awareness to georgia
role models to the children
great entertainment to enjoy
no hidden fee & no gimmicks
just good ole country southern baseball 


 The (PSBL) Peach State Baseball League, is a professional development baseball league intended to get young men the ages of 18 to 25 scouted for the pro's. The PSBL welcomes anyone with competitive baseball skills to join our membership baseball teams in Georgia. We celebrate over 150 years of baseball tradition in our country. Our league is created for scouting, instructional and professional development experiences for men who would like to continue playing baseball past High School, College or professional levels. We allow men the age of 18-45 to play baseball in our league. To play in our league you must be dependable for games, you must have passion for the art of the game of baseball and understand that this is a thinking game. You can use our league as a hobby (Just for fun) or to better your baseball skills for (College or Professional). 


The PSBL also will have the spring training experience. The Spring training experience is for those who would like to continue to play baseball at high levels and would like to play on the college or professional level.

The spring training experience is a great tool to get you to the next level and get you seen by the pro's. Players must be ages 18-25 to play in the spring training experience. We would play 2 ball games per day for a full month everyday during the spring starting in March and we do not miss a beat, this is real serious baseball. 

We will have a specific location during the time in Spring training. We will post all the locations and times on this website and facebook. The cost for the Spring is $1,500 per player without housing and $2,000 for players who want housing. This is your chance to be seen, so sign up by clicking the link.

Spring Training Experience Link

PSBL Celebrates 152 years of baseball in America!

2014 PSBL Standings

Georgia Coastal Division

St. Simons

North Florida(Coming Soon)

Daytona Beach
Panama City

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